Gymnastics for kids

·         Acrobatics
·         Baby gymnastics
·         Dance (princess & MGP)
·         Family classes (adult/children)
·         Rope skipping
·         Special needs classes
·         Tumbling

Parents are not allowed except in family classes.

Dress for training before the class starts (sports wear + indoor shoes/bare feet)

Long hair must be tied in elastic band etc.

Loose jewelry and watches should be removed. Piercing taped or removed.

Bottles with water are advised but food is not allowed. No chewing gums.

No exercising until warm-up has finished.

No jumping on airtrack until instructor says when.

Everybody helps bringing out gymnastic gear – and helps tidying up after class.


Payment with Dancard or MobilePay at

Free trial lesson can be booked after the season har started. The offer concerns classes not already fully booked.